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Put it on, Tie a Knot, and...
Enjoy !



Put it on, Tie a Knot, and...
Enjoy !

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Slow Fashion
In a few words...
Camille Lecomte is a French designer & seamstress from Haute-Savoie, more precisely from the Geneva region.

In her shop, Camille invites you to discover the clothing designs she has imagined.

Her desire being to develop a brand with the lowest carbon footprint, her designs are available in a very eclectic choice of ecological fabrics.

Through the following slides, learn more about our Concept Store. From production to distribution, discover our way of designing fashion!
Concept Store
Concept Store
All designs in our shop are developed by Camille Lecomte.

We find eco-responsible fabrics, and bring her designs to life by respecting 5 criteria that are important to us:

Minimalism - Comfort - Adaptability - Durability - Timelessness

When a fabric is associated with a design, it remains forever!
Find your favorite piece any time as long as the fabric is available to us...
Minimalism, an art of living
If there is one common characteristic to any Camille Lecomte's designs, it is certainly the enhancement of the drape of the material.

She likes to let the fabric live without pulling or molding it into impossible shapes.

The design breathes and so does your silhouette.
This sensation is achieved by a succession of elements:

• Slightly oversized, our designs are designed to let your body move.

• Whether it's for a winter evening, a beautiful summer day, or in between, our designs are available in a variety of materials to let you take control of these conditions.
Une Mode Durable
Sustainable Fashion
In order for a piece to be worn as long as possible, it is important that it suits its owner perfectly upon receipt. This is why we offer the possibility of modifying some finishes such as the length for the skirts.

In addition to designing the pieces according to your shapes, many of our designs are also adaptable. Whatever the time of day, they will hug your curves with flexibility and elegance!
Production Durable
Sustainable Production
As our brand is still at the artisanal stage, each order is carefully made and customized by Camille Lecomte & delivered to you within 1 to 6 weeks.

Thereafter, the production will remain French & the customizations will be made locally.
No stock of finished products will be created in advance.

Only what is sold is created! Hard to do better when it comes to sustainable production :-)
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