In a few Words

Idea & concept

Eco-Friendly quality production, flexible and timeless designs, a "slow-fashion" pace of creation, high-end French products.


To ensure the highest quality and transparency, we choose the French know-how, from fabric to manufacture.


Camille Lecomte develops her designs so that they adapt to YOUR morphology. Wear them year-after-year without fear.


In addition to our service of repair, when a design is proposed to you, it remains available regardless of the season of its conception.


Nadia Merzoug (aka Rosepoudrée)


Camille Lecomte is bubbling with artistic ideas in different fields. She is particularly interested in contemporary art in various forms, ranging from painting to interior decoration.

She decides to specialize in fashion and deepens her knowledge at the HEAD (High School of Art and Design of Geneva). She participates in several designer competitions where she refines her style and beliefs about the world of fashion.

Many designers inspire her, but she decides in 2017 to create her own identity, her own brand.

Through her creations, Camille Lecomte wishes to promote ethical fashion, and respect the environment and the body. Each design is thought to fit the body, and not the other way around. She creates to wear, to contemplate, to appreciate, without limit.

  In her boutique, Camille Lecomte invites you to discover her creations in the various fields her imagination leads her. In Camille Lecomte Univers, everything has been thought out to encompass her ecological, conceptual and practical convictions, without touching the extreme quality that high-end fashion must maintain.


No compromise for Camille Lecomte, only materials made according to respectable standards for the environment, or with non-polluting raw materials are selected. The chosen fabrics are irreproachable and controlled meter-after-meter to guarantee it.

Regarding clothing, Camille Lecomte offers you first and foremost designs and lets you discover them in variations through the four ranges described on this page. These designs are developed with flexibility and elegance as key-words, or more precisely, multi-size, high-end creations.

You will also notice in the gallery, paintings, clothing accessories or furniture, greeting and decoration cards that Camille Lecomte likes to develop in addition to the clothing collections.


Design Paradise is the part of the shop where you enter in direct relationship with Camille Lecomte.

The designer offers to make her designs as personal for you as possible. Create yourself a tailor-made clothing piece out of our designs in just a few clicks. In addition to this tailor-made concept, you get to decide on which fabrics will be used to make your piece.

After indicating the desired colors and range of fabrics, Camille Lecomte will concoct a selection from which to choose.

If you wish to adorn your piece with an embroidery, select the corresponding box when placing your order. You will then have the choice to indicate your desires or let the designer’s imagination do the magic.

As you understand, the fabrics are selected solely for you and Camille Lecomte is committed to ensuring that the piece created is unique.


The pieces that make up the V.I.P. gallery are made by Camille Lecomte herself and represent the birth of her designs. In addition to the fact that the fabrics used are unique, these pieces often come in preview of the series that will be developed in the Caps and Simply-Fresh ranges.

Camille Lecomte releases her imagination and know-how in embroidery and turns many of her creations into true works of art.

By adding one of these pieces in your wardrobe, you are part of the development of this brand and the universe that composes it.


Caps is the range that fully represents Camille Lecomte’s spirit. She finds inspiration in the touch and fall of raw fabrics or in the blow-of-heart effect that colors can provoke.

The fabrics unearthed for the Caps series will bring the existing designs to life in a rare and exceptional way.

The pieces in this range are of course entirely made in France, but in (very) limited series. Only a handful of you will have them in your wardrobe.



Simply-fresh is the timeless range that defies the laws of “fast-fashion” surrounding us. Camille Lecomte’s designs are manufactured in France in small series and in less rare fabrics than for other ranges.

Her idea is to make these series available over the years. Simply-Fresh is designed in order to keep us in solidarity with our suppliers, manufacturers and local economy.

You’ll be able to find or ask for your favorite pieces as long as the fabrics are available to us.