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In your search for the perfect skirt, you will not have come across this page in vain. Scroll through the Lookbook and discover all the details of the Short Minimalistic Skirt.


Prussian Blue Linen
“Another skirt too small for me.”
Probably the bane of many, we have found the solution to eliminate this doubt. Our skirts are adjustable with an integrated belt system. Tightening is simply done with a knot at the waist.
Indigo Blue Linen
“It won’t fit me after winter holiday”
We adjust the size of the skirt according to the measurements you give us when ordering. It will sublimate your silhouette, whether you take or lose a size.
Cobalt Blue Wool

“The model in the photo must be 1m80, this skirt will surely be too long for me.”
Don’t ask yourself whether this skirt is too long or too short for you. You choose the length of your skirt when ordering. It is not tailor-made, but almost. And the model is 1m68.
Indigo Blue Linen
“A zipper again…when it breaks, the skirt is ruined.”
No more bad surprises. Minimalism makes sense with this skirt. No buttons, zippers, pockets or pieces that can weaken or break over time. You put it on and tie it to your waist.
Black Wool
“At that price, they must make quite a profit.”
You have to know what you are comparing. We offer you clothes made out of fabrics from the best Smart Fashion workshops. We have chosen to take care of the distribution without going through the usual circuit of resellers and all our clothes are made in France.
Amaranth Red Wool
“And why is this one so much more expensive than that one?”
In all transparency, the price is mainly defined by the cost of the fabric. If a piece is more expensive, it’s because the fabric is more expensive and/or because it’s part of the limited series range CAPS.
Lapis Blue Wool
“I still hesitate … what if it did not suit me after all”
You return it to us in its packaging. We check that it still has its original shine. We fully refund the value of the purchase.
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We are aware that buying a skirt on the internet is a complicated thing. Our guideline in the development of this skirt model is simple:
Every woman should be able to wear it and feel good on any occasion!” (Camille Lecomte)


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